What does color mean? 

When browsing our products, you may see variation options. Color refers to the vessel. Neutral will be in (you guessed it) neutral tones. Think white, grey, black, tan, or clear glass. Pop of color will be tones like marigold, mauve, blues, etc. 

What does style mean? 

Style refers to scent. Because of the nature of our product, we do not sell specific scents. Instead we sell by scent category, resulting in each product being just as unique as you are! 

  • Clean - Simple and straightforward scents. These candles will have a more fresh aroma, and invoke a sense of brightness. (i.e. linen, citrus, botanical, cashmere, etc.)
  • Sweet - Think scents that invoke a bubbly feeling. These candles will have a blend of tropical, or dessert style aromas (i.e. melon, sugar cookie, etc.)
  • Distinct - These are deep, almost musk style scents. These candles will have a more sultry aroma, and invoke a velvety feeling (i.e. bergamot, cedar, leather, etc.)
  • Zen- Think scents that invoke a sense of mellow. These candles will lean more herbal in aroma (i.e. lavender, eucalyptus, etc.)

How will I know if my candles qualify for upcycling? 

Staying true to our mission, we accept all old candle submissions. However, for the $5 reward, your candle originally must've been larger than 5oz in size. It must also be in a non-broken vessel and the wax remaining must be clear of debris.

How long will it take to know the results of my submission? 

We evaluate all submissions by hand to ensure our products quality standards. Because of this, there may be occasional delays depending on our intake volume. Please rest assured we are striving to get your submission turned as quickly as possible! Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience. 

What if my candle didn't come in a vessel (i.e. pillar candles, etc.)? 

If your candle is submitted without a vessel, we will still accept it for upcycling. However, you will not receive a reward for the submission. But hey- you are helping the planet, and that's a reward in and of itself! 

Do you offer refunds? 

UpWick does not offer refunds, but will gladly exchange your product within 14 days of delivery if there are any defects or if you simply do not like the scent! When we say Hassle Free Exchanges, we mean it! Send over an email or DM on social to start the process.